The importance of graphic design in making your business a brand.

A picture is worth a thousand words. But many times even a thousand words can’t describe the worth of a picture. In this digital era, every organization is looking for an outstanding graphical representation.

What is graphic design?

Graphic designing is the art of creating visual content to convey a message. Designers use typography and pictures along with visual hierarchy and page layout, to meet the user’s specific needs. It focuses on the logic of displaying an interactive design.

Any business can’t keep itself away from online marketing in the current market situation. Online marketing has become a prime requisite in every business or marketer’s arsenal. And in digital marketing, graphic design works as a fuel to ignite the marketing to reach out to capture people’s attention.

A brief history of graphic designing 

The evolution of graphic design is very much related to the need for visual communication & technological innovations. Right from ancient history till today, there has been this tradition of creating a variety of graphic designs. In ancient manuscripts of Egypt and Greece, design has gone under a drastic change. In the 15th century, book production and printing brought in new dimensions.

It was much later in the 19th century when with the technological advancements graphic designing was considered a profession. It demanded certain specialization which brought in technology involvement and thus pushed commercial possibilities.

Importance of graphic design for your brand

  • Unique Identity: Brand identity is the most important aspect of any marketing campaign. And to make a strong brand identity, creative graphic designing is the primary step. The best example of creating a unique identity is a brand logo. A logo acts as a primary link that connects the business and the customers. Isn’t this single aspect strong enough to prove the importance of graphic design?
  • Create a Powerful impression: To grab a market share and outstand the competition, the brands need to create a powerful impression for their potential customers and target audience, which will help in remembering the brand. It can be said that it is impossible to attain such a long-lasting impression with the help of creative graphic design.
  • Powerful Communication Mode: “A picture speaks louder than words.” This saying exactly conveys the importance of graphic design. One can deliver a strong message without lengthy paragraphs. In simpler terms, we can say the graphics make the message clear and straightforward.
  • Brand Credibility: Brand credibility is important when it comes to intense industry competition. Customers are automatically attracted to a brand with more credibility. A convincing and polished look, adds to the credibility. So, consistent good graphic design definitely increases the credibility of the business.

Did you know that about 90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual? Thus this makes the business a strong design, which would help them communicate the purpose. Around 65% of the population falls under the category of visual learners, which will make every penny invested in the visual approach worth it. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer graphics over text.   

How is graphic designing beneficial for any brand?

For those publishers who use graphical representation effectively, they can get 12% faster traffic growth. Apart from that, the major benefits of using graphic design in advertising are:

  • Concept Clarity
  • Reinforces understanding
  • Facilitates the assimilation of new knowledge
  • Identifies concepts quickly